Maternity Photo Session Guide

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Maternity Photo Session Guide

Pregnancy is such a magical time in every woman’s life. It brings countless changes to your soul and body. You get motivated like never before. If you choose to document this lovely period by taking a maternity photo session, you should be prepared for it.

On this article I will share a general guide to help you get ready for this significant event. Continue reading “Maternity Photo Session Guide”

Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms

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Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms

Miami Moms, you are going to love these luxury party ideas. Keep on reading either if you are pregnant or already have kids, because the entertainment it’s for you all. Continue reading “Luxury Parties on Wheels for Miami Moms”

How to prepare your dog for the addition of a human baby brother/sister?

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Doggy Mom? Then check out this article 🙂

With no doubt, our dogs are our first babies. The connection we create with our pets is incredibly unique. They know when we are sad, excited, or happy; they feel us. As we know, dogs have a very strong sense of smell, so when we get pregnant, they catch the changes of scent due to the increase of pregnancy hormones. Another thing that dogs perceive is the changes in our bodies. Oh yes, they can notice your growing bump. But besides that, what can I say about the moment when your dog snuggled close to you and he feels your baby kicking for the first time; that moment is priceless. All this changes make your doggy to, most of the time, be more affectionate and loving with you.

That does not mean that he understands what it’s really happening. He has no idea that very soon, a little baby is going to be his best friend forever.

That is why we have nine month to acclimate our dogs for that experience. Continue reading “How to prepare your dog for the addition of a human baby brother/sister?”

Diastasis Recti – all you need to know

All you need to know about Diastasis Recti during pregnancy and postpartum

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If you already gave birth to your adorable baby and you started asking yourself: “What is that gap in my abdominal muscles?” or ” Why do I still have this mommy pooch?” Then you need to continue reading to learn about Diastasis Recti. Continue reading “Diastasis Recti – all you need to know”

8 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Care (and more)

8 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Care

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Newborn babies are use to be warm and tight inside the womb. It is a completely new and peculiar experience for them to be out of that comfort zone. We can help them to stabilize and feel comfortable through the skin-to-skin care.

Continue reading to learn about eight amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Continue reading “8 Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Care (and more)”

Surprise Baby Shower


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Recently, I published an article about how to prepare a Baby Shower without spending a fortune, check it out here Baby Shower on a Budget. I had that article ready for a while but I didn’t post it because me, and a group of friends, wanted to surprise a pregnant couple that we love. We know each other since 10th grade, and we get really excted every time any of us is expecting a baby. In this case, IT’S A GIRL! Baby Paola is on her way. Paola’s parents (my friends) didn’t want to make a Baby Shower, so we (the group of friends) secretly prepared a “Surprise Baby Shower” for them.

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“What to do when your baby gets the cold”

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On this post I want to share my experience and tell you what works for me.

The first cold is awful (it is always awful) because you have no experience on taking care of a sick child 24×7 (my case). It all starts with some mucus, then stay awake all night trying to make your baby feel better because of the stuffy nose, then some fever, then you freak out and call the doctor to get an appointment. Check up done. Nothing to worry about, it is “just a cold”. Lots of fluids and Tylenol when fever. Sounds easy huh? Keep on reading to find some advices on what to do when your baby gets the cold.

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My first post


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Hi Everyone, I’m excited to be writing my first post. I have this idea of sharing -thoughts, tips, questions, answers, love, and smiles- for so long now. I have created this blog for many reasons. One is that when I was pregnant, I was so eager for information and did my research online every day.

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