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As you may know I am always looking for great options and deals to share with all my followers. This time I am very excited to introduce you to a great source of knowledge, entertainment, and information that the whole family can engage in to create harmonious, and happy homes.

It is about a Florida based publication dedicated to parents and their kids, Kiddos Magazine.

This magazine is designed particularly to keep parents informed (kids interested). Some of their main goals are to instilling values, tradition, and culture into their homes and tips and advice in different topics making reading fun with their educational articles. They touch on a wide variety of topics from art to science to sports, and everything in between, so they’re sure to entertain. They have a publication every other month, covering the best activities of each season to keep readers from major areas of South Florida updated. They offer the print issues collection but since we are in the electronic age they also provide their digital option, so you can enjoy their articles anywhere from any device.

I have had the pleasure to work with Kiddos Magazine’s team in some occasions, as a photographer; recording diverse events they offer around the Miami area. As I said before, their activities and events are family-friendly focused; and sometimes our fur babies are also invited. I personally enjoy their events very much because aside of being fun for all, it is the perfect time to socialize meeting new local vendors and small businesses’ owners.

I invite you to visit Kiddos Magazine’s page to get involved with their mission, essential tools and resources to show our kids how to improve their creativity, and increase their curiosity to explore and learn . Also it is a good idea to follow them on social media where we receive notifications of every event and they keep us posted on amazing giveaways they frequently offer.

Their winter issue is live, check it out here

Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!

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Since the day I gave birth, I can’t say enough that every woman having her babies without epidural deserves a crown. Oh yes, they do. The contraction pain is… wow… no comments…. jajaja. I’m very lucky that I got the epidural really fast. But those minutes without it were like hours for me. I remember when the contractions started to get serious I didn’t even let the nurse to finish the phrase “Do you want epidural?” I said YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!! Continue reading “Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!”

Ready for C-section

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Once all is set for the C-Section –check out my previous post (Epidural? YES, YES, YES PLEASE!!!)- you are taken from the labor room to the surgery room. Your husband or any other person (just one) will be allowed to stay with you. So you have to say bye-bye to your family and friends for a while. All nurses smiling and making you feel that everything is going to be Okay is wonderful. Even though you are scared, anxious, freaked out, and panicked, all in one. Everything ready, a giant lamp almost in your face and your husband holding your hand. Continue reading “Ready for C-section”

Difference between Epidural and CSE

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I found information online that helped me understand the difference between Epidural and CSE. I always wanted to have a natural birth but sometimes is not only up to you; therefore, C-section is necessary. Then you need to know about CSE. Hey, don’t feel bad if you end up having a C-Section, it is Okay, you and your baby are gonna be fine. I’ll talk about it in another post. Meanwhile keep on reading so you learn about these anesthesias. Continue reading “Difference between Epidural and CSE”

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean


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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) is a controversial topic. Not all practitioners and hospitals allow it. Continue reading “Vaginal Birth After Cesarean”

Mom’s Delivery Bag Checklist

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When should you get your bag ready for delivery day?

I strongly recommend having your bag ready to go by week 34. Actually both bags, yours and your baby’s. Check out here the Baby’s Delivery Bag Checklist. It’s a bit early but it’s better to have everything ready by yourself than go into early labor “by surprise” and have another person preparing and bringing your stuff later. In my case, my water broke by week 36, but I know someone that had her baby by week 35. It was completely fine, just earlier than expected. Just in case…pack early. I just gather some pictures (see below) so you have a better idea, but following I explain everything with details.

momherewego-mom-bag EN

Continue reading “Mom’s Delivery Bag Checklist”

Baby’s Delivery Bag Checklist

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What to pack in your baby’s bag for delivery day

As I explained before on Mom’s Delivery Bag Checklist, I strongly recommend having the bags ready by week 34 (one for you and one for your baby). I’m a visual person, so I selected some pictures so you have a better idea on what to pack, but below I explain everything with details.


Continue reading “Baby’s Delivery Bag Checklist”

How to calm a crying baby



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How to calm a crying baby

Usually, the idea of a “crying baby + not knowing why + not knowing what to do” is a terrifying thought for mostly First Time Moms (FTM). Often, experienced moms try different strategies because they already know what it worked and what it didn’t for their other kids. Well, let’s take notes about what knowledgeable mommies and nurses say about this topic, so you have a better idea about what to do to cozy up your little one, make him feel better, and quickly stop the crying. Continue reading “How to calm a crying baby”

15 Things you need to know when visiting a newborn

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15 Things you need to know when visiting a newborn

The arrival of a baby is the most expected and wonderful moment for parents, family, and close friends. Everyone wants to meet the baby as soon as possible, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when visiting a newborn.

First, you need to remember that they are not vaccinated and they are like sponges. That’s the reason why some parents prefer to wait a couple of weeks (sometimes two months) before introducing their little one to others. Do not take it personal, be patient and wait until they are ready to meet you. Continue reading “15 Things you need to know when visiting a newborn”