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Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by, I am really confident that you will find this article essential and valuable for you and your family.

As you may know I am always looking for great options and deals to share with all my followers. This time I am very excited to introduce you to a great source of knowledge, entertainment, and information that the whole family can engage in to create harmonious, and happy homes.

It is about a Florida based publication dedicated to parents and their kids, Kiddos Magazine.

This magazine is designed particularly to keep parents informed (kids interested). Some of their main goals are to instilling values, tradition, and culture into their homes and tips and advice in different topics making reading fun with their educational articles. They touch on a wide variety of topics from art to science to sports, and everything in between, so they’re sure to entertain. They have a publication every other month, covering the best activities of each season to keep readers from major areas of South Florida updated. They offer the print issues collection but since we are in the electronic age they also provide their digital option, so you can enjoy their articles anywhere from any device.

I have had the pleasure to work with Kiddos Magazine’s team in some occasions, as a photographer; recording diverse events they offer around the Miami area. As I said before, their activities and events are family-friendly focused; and sometimes our fur babies are also invited. I personally enjoy their events very much because aside of being fun for all, it is the perfect time to socialize meeting new local vendors and small businesses’ owners.

I invite you to visit Kiddos Magazine’s page to get involved with their mission, essential tools and resources to show our kids how to improve their creativity, and increase their curiosity to explore and learn . Also it is a good idea to follow them on social media where we receive notifications of every event and they keep us posted on amazing giveaways they frequently offer.

Their winter issue is live, check it out here

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